Biscuit passo a passo

Vi esses bischuis e fiquei apaixonada e resolvi postar o tutorial espero que gostem e façam e casa beijo
Great mazipan idea for a B'day party or event. Create yummy bears with just two colours.Baby Toothless Step by Step by on @deviantARTMonsters University: Mike Wazowski Picture TutorialНазвание: 3.jpg Просмотров: 1  Размер: 409.0 КбOriental Rainbow Progress by DragonsAndBeastiesEdible Penguin step by step by Naera on deviantARTDIY (husky)Little Barn Owl Picture Tutorial || Can be made with fondant or clay. Its a brilliant thing the two are so interchangeable when it comes to creating.example. tutorial. sculpting. head. human. body. child. | RP » Polymer Clay Baby Face tutorialDIY (husky)Hi all, how are you today? I promised you a new pictorial this week and I just finished it! I really hope you like it :)  Is anyone going to make him for my contest? Read all about the contest + prize in the pinned post on top of my page :)  In case you missed it, I also do video tutorials on YouTube! New tutorials are added every Thursday so make sure you are subscribed to my channel:    Have fun with this Koala!

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